Dianna Agron: Refinery 29 Interview

  • Tell us about your new site You Me & Charlie — what prompted you to launch it?:
  • "I came to realize that passing on positive images, new music, book recommendations and more, that it was something people really responded to. It became another creative outlet, and something to share. I realized I wanted a forum for us all to be able to do that interchangeably, to encourage love, creativity and inspiration."
  • We're already obsessed with your Tumblr. How is this going to feel different?:
  • "It's simply bigger. More inclusive, and easier to navigate. Also, it is a culmination of us all...which is why I called it You Me & Charlie....Charlie, being the space in which we share..." (Editor's Note, You can read more about the site's name and significance here)
  • When did you first find yourself defining an interest in art? What were the first pieces that really drew you in?:
  • "I was a girl who loved the world of books, my backyard... my imagination had no limits. Essentially, I will always have that little girl inside me, often driving me artistically. That wonderment is second to none. It is what is most important to me, and my art. Roald Dahl, Tim Burton, Lillian Bassman, Richard Avedon, Leslie Caron, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Charlie Chapman, Helmut Newton, Salvador Dali...the list goes on and on!"
  • What are the 5 songs you're loving right now?:
  • "I put my iPod on shuffle. It picked...
  • 1. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl., 'Someone to Love Me'
  • 2. Alexander, 'Let's Win'
  • 3. Easybeats, 'Friday On My Mind'
  • 4. Theophilus London (ft. Sara Quin), 'Why Even Try'
  • 5. Panda Bear, 'Tomboy'"
  • What are the spring pieces you're itching to buy right now?:
  • "Well....I have a slight addiction to Opening Ceremony...they buy wonderful pieces, have great pieces of their own, and their collaborations are fabulous. Have you seen the Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collection?? Oy...I have to set limits for myself."
  • How would you describe your personal style in a few words?:
  • "It's rather quirky. Mainly, it serves the purpose of one or more of these things- comfort, transformation, curiosity, playfulness. All depends on my mood that day."
  • Where do you look for inspiration when you're thinking about taking a fashion risk?:
  • "I tend to have phases. An Annie Hall moment, a rockabilly moment.....I dunno. When I cut my hair I did have to abandon a few styles, because all of a sudden certain things didn't work. Just as when you dye your hair a new color and you realize you have to change all your makeup around."
  • You obviously took a major risk this past year with that awesome new haircut. Has it changed the way you feel about your personal style?:
  • "Yes, every hairstyle, especially when it's a big change, deserves a slightly new look by way of dress and makeup. I realized I felt so free without the weight of my former hair and I think the way I dress reflects that. Also, we are in winter, so I love a good black legging, cool coat, chunky scarf moment. I just bought these Doc Martin-esque boots from Opening Ceremony. They have this bounce to them....I feel as if I am truly conquering the NYC pavement right now."
  • What's your biggest styling secret, when it comes to hair, these days?:
  • "Let it do what it wants to do. Mess it up a little, and leave it alone. It's fun that way. And I am not into perfection right now....I'll let the pros tackle that."
  • What's the one thing in your closet that you would never give up?:
  • "Not too long ago, I bought this Lahssan trench. I die every time I put it on. I get so many compliments on it, and I am positive it is something I am keeping for as many years as it will let me love it. Jackets and coats are some of my favorite pieces in the world. And they last as well. I wore this vintage Courreges jacket in the finale of Glee, season two, and it was a gem. I love clothes. SUCH a weakness."
  • How has your style evolved of late?:
  • "As I've grown, I love more of a mixture of...how can I explain it? Ballerina VS. Rockstar.....It can't be pristine. Some of my favorite moments have been worked out with my stylist, Samantha McMillen, and she does it right. For instance, last year at the Grammy's...one of my favorite and most fun looks. When looking for a stylist, I said, I'd like whoever does Carey Mulligan. She always gets it right. Bam! Found Sam. She has helped teach me exactly what it is I like. It's fun to be a girl. You know?"
  • What's are your biggest fashion and beauty regrets?:
  • "There are many, but I love them so. They only mean I am growing, learning....stay away from those tweezers! A valuable lesson. DO NOT overpluck!!! I had a real Clueless inspired moment in 7th grade, a rather 'Stevie Nicks' moment (DO NOT regret that!) ...Nothing is truly a regret. Life is too short. The blunders are laughable. That's all."


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